What We are Doing & Why​

Coldwater Memorial Park is one of the great trade marks of our area and it is our intention to make this park inclusive for everyone.  This includes those who may have unique physical and emotional challenges. Usually when someone is in a wheelchair they are left on the sidelines because they are unable to use the equipment on typical playgrounds.
Our goal is to include those individuals so they can interact with all
of their family and friends in a fun and safe environment.

How We Plan To Achieve It

Having a strong plan is imperative to achieving any goal.
Our committee has developed a plan that is divided into 3 separate Phases.  During each phase we will continue to move forward to achieve our end goal of creating an all inclusive park for everyone to enjoy! 

How You Can Participate

Yes - You too can help!
This project will require the support of individuals like you and your neighbors.  So grab a friend or two and prepare to help any way you are able.  

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