Coldwater Memorial Park – A Park 4 All Abilities

Thoughts from Committee Director, Jenny Brandon:


We can all agree that we are blessed to be a part of a community and county that has such amazing parks for our children and families to enjoy.  Being a native of Coldwater, OH I am proud of the park that we have and I often refer to it as “The Central Park” of Coldwater.  Just as Central Park in NYC, our Memorial Park is in the center of our Village.


A great friend of mine, Sheila Goins, and I were discussing our park one day and we wished our park had more areas for those with special needs.  I personally remember being at the park one day when our school children were there for park day.  I remember seeing the children with no special needs enjoying everything our park has to offer and our children with special needs watching them from a distance.  I thought to myself, it sure would be nice if we had more things that children and adults with special needs in our community and surrounding communities could enjoy. 
Sheila couldn’t have agreed more.  You see Sheila lives this every day.  Her son Tyler is confined to a wheelchair.  Tyler loves to be outdoors and he loves to swing and participate with his siblings in outdoor activities. 
He enjoys his walks around the park but unfortunately that is all Tyler is able to enjoy of our park
because of his disabilities.


This is where our dreams started to take a turn towards reality.  We began to research playground equipment.  We met with the Village and Park Boards to designate areas of the park we could incorporate all-inclusive playgrounds.  We consulted with VJ Westerheide, Todd Reigelsperger, and Brian Siefring and thank them for their knowledge, support, and feedback.  We formed a committee of myself, Sheila Goins, Charmaine Bettinger and Sarah Moeller and have started to put things into place to turn this dream into a reality. 


We hope and pray that members of our Coldwater Community as well as surrounding communities in Mercer County and beyond share the same passion for this project as we do.  We know it will take much effort,
but it WILL be worth it in the end!


We thank you for your support and commitment in making the Coldwater Memorial Park a place for ALL to enjoy!


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 All Inclusive Park 4 All Abilities