Phases 1...2...3...

PHASE 1  ~ Now​

PHASE 1  ~  Later​

Phase 1 - revised.jpg

Inclusion 4 All Abilities on this wide open Merry-Go-Round.

Individuals with sensory needs or time alone can feel safe and secure in their own little cocoon.

Merry-Go-Round with special seating, straps, and handles.

PHASE 2 ~ Now​

PHASE 2 ~ Later​

Phase 2 - revised.jpg

Keeps everyone thinking & active while exploring the park.

Wheelchair accessible and wide enough for others at the same time.

Aero Glider that allows a wheelchair and plenty of friends at the same time.

PHASE 3 ~ Now​

Area 3.JPG

Area TBD

PHASE 3 ~ Later

Phase 3 - revised.jpg

All ages and abilities can interact and play, sit or lie on it and can seat 6 users

Swings for all different abilities

Calming for autism spectrum. Full body support

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